Session 1

On the Bastion of Concord, the brave adventurers gathered at the House of the Eternal Sun- a famous casino and gambling hall, with alleged connections to various Jugarian street gangs. Some came as part of the crew of Lydell Skagsson, others under the summons of a mysterious “C.G.”.

Everyone gathered and came to watch a high stakes poker game, where Lydell stood in the last round. However, Lydell lost as part of a house rule, where a trump suit was to be declared whenever all hands were set,as both hands were high straight flushes. Lydell, relinquishing his bets and drunk as a dwarf can get on alcohol. Breaking the news to his former crew members that they were sold to cover the bet, he made his exit.

Meanwhile, a robbery at dagger point attempted by members of the motley crew was successful in its implementation, but the mark escaped. Firing off a cantrip, Message, in the process.

As the group finally rendezvoused together, a group of Steel Falcons burst in and sent the House’s patrons scattering. The heroes made their escape, but not without the gambling hall turning into smoldering rubble.

Leaving on Lydell’s soon to be renamed ship, Corsa Gracewind (C.G.) revealed the purpose of their mission in the form of the map in her possession. Setting out for Azimuth to change the ship’s paperwork, the cew prepares to fill out their roster as they begin to move forward.

Session 1

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