The Steel Falcons

A Pirate's Worst Nightmare


Nothing is really constant about members of the Steel Falcons. Many of them are former military forces for the elves or Jowans, who now serve as part of the Falcons. As result, expect them to have actual class levels when you fight them and better than average equipment. However, due to numbers sometimes being an issue, it’s not uncommon for the crews of their ships to be ordinary sailors. Use that to your advantage.


Up until recent times, if your average criminal could get their hands on a ship and become a pirate they became a force to be reckoned with, at least along whatever section of a trade route they laid claim to. Merchants had little institutionalized protection at sky, for Bastion forces would often begin to dispute jurisdictions before jumping to aid. All that a merchant could reliably hope for was to buy a strong enough group of mercenaries who wouldn’t turn traitor, to avoid any sort of other ships on their routes or for two pirate crews to fight each other to the death first. That all changed twenty years ago, with the formation of The Steel Falcons.

The Steel Falcons are an organised joint force created by the Elves and Jowans to handle crimes across Bastions where ordinary town guards would not be able to travel and handle bigger threats. Oftentimes this brings their membership into direct conflict with pirates as they travel along the main route. While there doesn’t seem to be any major progress being made in regards to eliminating piracy, most of those who are pirates have been involved to some degree for at least 10 years at this point. The mere presence in communities of Steel Falcons, no matter how small, is a major tool for dissuading youth from piracy. Without young blood pouring in, the Steel falcons seem to have a chance to eliminate danger from fellow citizens of the known Bastions and institute a new golden age of peace.

The Steel Falcons

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